August 28, 2014

Visit From the Monkey Doctor!

Yesterday was an evening to remember! During dinner, a neighbor knocked on the door to tell us that there was a monkey outside that wanted to meet Chase - and despite sounding absolutely crazy, he was right! The monkey and its trainer, who works with people with special needs, happened to be passing through the neighborhood and they thought Chase would enjoy meeting him.

Trent surprised us all by immediately being willing to hold the monkey and letting him sit on his head!!

Chase's first reaction was that he didn't want to have anything to do with the monkey, but over the course of an hour, the trainer managed to make Chase feel comfortable enough to sit next to the monkey, touch his tail, shave the monkey's head with a razor, tickle his hands and feet, and even give him kisses!!

Check out the Monkey Doctor for more about what Dr. Irving and Bobby do around the metro Atlanta area!

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