November 5, 2014

New Book: What's Inside You Is Inside Me Too!

I took Chase to the Emory Down Syndrome Clinic today for his last appointment with Dr. Jeannie Visootsak before she moves to NY to take on her new position studying Down syndrome targeted medicine with Roche. 

It was so sad to leave her, but I was thrilled to see a preliminary copy of her and Deslie Quinby's new book about Down syndrome, "What's Inside You is Inside Me Too: My Chromosomes Make Me Unique" in which there are several photos of Chase! I can't wait to receive my own copy and was excited to see it already on Amazon for sale!

As Trent would say, Chase is again a "fashion model"... this time in a book!

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  1. Hi there,

    I'm googling around right now, looking for a book to buy for my daughters daycare to teach the children about Down syndrome. Would you recommend this book for preschool children?